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The Sedona Framework is intended for devices communicating over IP networks both in wired and wireless topologies. The core technology behind the Sedona Framework is available as open source in which the devices from multiple developers and manufacturers can "interoperate" with each other, at the same time. The Sedona Framework is also intended for wireless devices and the commercial version available in "modules" for incorporation in products that can operate on battery or continuous power sources. These modules are intended for small device applications

As an open source platform, one of the Sedona Framework's key objectives is to provide the guidelines necessary to deliver open, interoperable products built using the technology. Buyers have the assurance that this interoperability is backed up by specific conformance to industry-defined norms, ensuring they are getting devices with the most flexibility and highest level of quality.

To that end, the Sedona Framework has established a Certification and Branding/Trademark program that allows developers and manufacturers utilizing the technology to use a designated Sedona Framework trademark to advertise this assurance to the market while ensuring that non-conforming vendors are unable to.

The Sedona Framework's Certification and Branding Program defines the guidelines and requirements for manufacturers and developers to certify their products and be able to brand devices with the Sedona Framework trademark. Once a manufacturer or developer has developed a product and they want to use the Sedona Framework trademark and logo, they are required to get that product/device tested via Tridium's Sedona Framework testing certification program. If the product/device complies with the standards and passes the test, the vendor is permitted to display the Sedona Framework logo and claim certification. At present, there is no such thing as "Sedona Framework Compatible" or "Sedona Framework Compliant"; either the product is tested and certified or it is not. Those products and devices that are not certified will not be allowed to display or use the Sedona Framework logo on their products or in any marketing materials printed or electronic.

All products and devices that are certified may also be included in various marketing efforts conducted by Tridium.

In brief, the program works like this:

The costs for the certification and testing program are as follows:

*Note: The above fees are subject to change.

For more information on the Sedona Framework Certification and Branding program and to apply for certification, please contact Tridium Sales support at salessupport@tridium.com.